Sandwich Pack Labelling

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Application Overview

Standard ALTech sandwich pack labelling solutions include machines for top labelling or combined top and seal labelling with or without an additional nutritional information label on the underside of the sandwich wedge pack.

Our comprehensive selection of labelling heads allows us to cater for all speed requirements of sandwich pack labelling, as well as offering the ability to print barcode, best before date and nutritional information inline on demand with your choice of print engine or intermittent printer (e.g. ICE coder or Markem Smart Date) where requested.

The default top labelling sandwich wedge video shows a standard advanced feature found on our ALritma/ALritma T labelling head range, applying two labels at variable delays off the same reel i.e. a single labelling head solution where most competitor solutions would require two separate labelling heads and printers.

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ALritma T