ALcode P

ALcode P is our premier multi face print and application pallet labeller, designed specifically to apply A5 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels to two adjacent faces of a stationary pallet (normally front-side) potentially varying size, in strict accordance to the GS1/EAN 128 barcode standards with only one pallet stop.

Multi Face Pallet Labelling Machines

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We manufacture a wide and varied range of industrial pallet labelling machines based around proven module pallet label application systems, allowing us to apply on one, two or more pallet faces as required by the customer, with two face application possible at more than 180 pallets p/hr.

A complete turn key pallet labelling solution, ALcode P comprises an industrial thermal transfer print engine, ALcode base print and apply delivery system, a choice of multi label application solutions (detailed below), full guarding/housing of all controls, interlock safety switches, electrics, pneumatics and a PLC to control inputs,outputs and the functioning of the machine as well as its handshaking with the line.

Label printing is handled by the well known SATO 6" industrial print engine range, able to print high quality barcode labels on a variety of label media types (inc weatherproof synthetics) at up to 200 mm/sec in "harsh" industrial environments.

The modular printer mounting also allows the potential use of alternative print engines such as a Zebra 170 PAX or Datamax A-Class with their respective print languages and interface options, as well the possibility of holding a 'hot-swap' print engine - a popular failsafe spare with many customers, reliant on labelled product to allow them to ship their goods.

ALcode P is available with two core 'two label application systems', applying the label via contact using a flexible head 'tamp' application system with digital pressure sensors to monitor contact with the pallet

This highly flexible universal solution can be designed with axis strokes to accommodate non standard pallets of significant size differences as well as allowing multi label logics, including front and side or side-rear, as well as the possibility of front, side and rear (three labels) in either one or two pallet stops.

The first device is the traditional ALTech tri-axial pallet label application system, as successfully proven in dozens of installation over its long production history. It is based around a roller bearing two axis semi robotic movement system with rotating labelling head, individually positioning each label to GS1/EAN standards on multiple sides of the pallet at up to 120 pallets p/hr.

Our second two face pallet application system is aimed at pallet lines with more standard configurations of pallet i.e. Euro pallets. A completely original concept, designed from scratch by the ALTech design team, it offers a more simple, economic solution for the majority of two face (front-side or side-rear) pallet labelling requirements, as well as an advantage in speed, labelling up to 180 pallets p/hr depending on the flow of the line.

The application system features an innovative rotating application movement system, providing high speed multiple label movements, but incredibly is driven by only one motor, making it very simple and easy to maintain – a real advance in the design of multi face pallet label application solutions.

ALcode P is available with a host of enhancement options, including non standard PLC control systems, integrated label management systems to act as middle-where between the pallet labeller and the customers ERP system (e.g. SAP), as well as the possibility of internally managing inputs and outputs from automated scanners etc and querying product databases for appropriate label print data in a completely standalone format.

ALcode P in Detail

Enhancement options for ALcode P

ALcode P is also available in standard single linear stroke configurations, with or without enclosure dependent on the stroke length of the cylinder and position of the machine e.g. without enclosure within an interlocked guarded area, for applications requiring only a single label to be applied, as well as special rotary arm application solutions which allow the possibility of labelling pallets "on-the-fly" without stopping the pallet, for speeds beyond 180 pallets p/hr.

Further Enhancements for ALcode P

Where the customer requires non-standard label sizes to pallets, for example A4 pallet labels, we can also offer well proven solutions for either one of multiple face labelling requirements, based on special versions of our ALcode P machine. Our proven ALcode A4 pallet labelling machine has been used by many companies with prominent pre-printed logos on their labels to replace costly printing bags – particularly in the corrugates block paving and slabs sector, requiring weatherproof labels & print.

Finally, ALcode P can potentially be specified with our ALcode LL LINERLESS print and delivery system to create a linerless (no backing paper) pallet label application solution, with associated machine uptime, label material cost savings and environmental benefits – particularly in terms of creating a pure waste source applying a plastic label to plastic shrink/stretch wrap.

ALcode P – Integration with a Turntable Stretch Wrapper for Multi Label Application

A particularly interesting, economical and well proven configuration of ALcode P exists for customers requiring a multi pallet label application solution, but have slower running lines fitted with a turn table stretch wrapper rather than a spiral wrap rotary ring unit (i.e. turning the pallet rather than spinning the wrap around the pallet).

The solution allows pallet label application on up to four faces of a pallet using only a simple single axis pneumatic cylinder application system as shown above, by integrating the labeller control system with the pallet wrapping control system.

Handshaking between the two machines allows us to turn the pallet through 90 degree increments after the stretch wrapper has completed wrapping, and apply labels on up to four sides of the pallet via single linear tamp (or tamp-blow) set to the extremes of the pallet size range.

The solution is an option only with pallet wrappers that turn the pallet not spiral wrap around the pallet because the applicator needs to be positioned within the wrapping cell (removing the need for guarding as this will already be provided by the wrapper), with the pallet labeller supplied with a larger PLC and special program to enable handshaking with the wrapper.

Key Features

  • All-in-one unattended multi-face pallet labelling machine
  • Highly robust design with standard cabinet. Positive air pressure & heater options for harsh environments
  • Standard A5, large A4 or custom label size options
  • Choice of industry leading TT print engines for easy integration with host control (e.g. ZPL, SBL etc)
  • Integrated label control system options, for standalone or intermediary data control/formatting
  • Label placement confirmation & barcode verification

Technical Specifications

Print Type Thermal Transfer
Interfaces RS232C, Centronics, Option RS422/RS485/LAN
Max. label width 8485Se: 134 mm
8490Se: 134 mm
8460Se: 165 mm
Print width 8485Se: 128 mm
8490Se: 112 mm
8460Se: 152 mm
Resolution 8485Se: 200 Dpi
8490Se: 300 Dpi
8460Se: 200 Dpi
Print speed 8485Se: 300 mm/sec
8490Se: 200 mm/sec
8460Se: 200 mm/sec
Applicator Type Pneumatic
Standard configurations Two sides applicator for pallets
Front/side or side/back logic possibility, without change parts
Left or right packaging line position, without change parts
Special configurations Long stroke single side pallet applicator
Front only pallet labeller
Three sides pallet labeller
Production speed Up to 120 pallets/h depending on label size and on the applicator configuration
Label roll diameter 300 mm (option: 400 mm)
Power supply 220V, 50 Hz, 800W
Pneumatic Feeding 5 bars, 50 litre/min

Example Configurations