ALcode LL

ALcode LL is a proven ‘linerless’ (labels with no backing paper) derivative of our ALcode one-to-one printer applicator machine. The linerless media is a continuous self adhesive tape which is printed via thermal transfer and cut to length before being applied in a traditional way.

The machine is ideal for most outer carton, shrink wrap or pallet barcode label applications, offering a host of potential benefits vs. liner backed systems, including considerable environmental and cost saving possibilities.

Linerless Print & Apply Label Applicator

ALcode LL

Configurable with the majority of application systems of our standard ALcode machine, including ‘tamp’, ‘tamp-blow’ and even our vacuum belt application system (allowing the potential for on-the-fly label size variation); ALcode LL is ideal for the majority of case barcode and shrink pack applications replacing legacy liner backed end of line print and apply machines.

The core technology behind the machine was developed alongside a world leading self adhesive materials manufacturer, providing a robust linerless label, optimised for thermal transfer print. The fully self adhesive linerless label tape is available in a range of widths from 50mm to 150mm, and is delivered directly to the end user customer without the need for secondary conversion or siliconation as is a requirement of some other linerless technologies.

Key benefits of the ALcode LL machine include:

  • A considerably lower cost per label - generally between 20-40% lower than an equivalent paper label, even before any consideration is given to the cost of landfill of the backing paper liner (which is difficult to recycle) or the labour cost to remove this waste from the production line.
  • A label that aids recycling of the final waste product. When applied to a shrink wrap, the plastic based linerless label, combines with shrink wrap to produce a pure waste by-product, whereas a paper label needs to removed (usually manually cut out) to allow the waste packaging to be recycled. On corrugate cardboard, up to 10% contamination is allowed under the EU waste directive, and this contaminate is removed in the paper pulping process along with existing contaminates used in making the box.
  • More than two and half times the label reel capacity for extended operation. This means fewer line stops and fewer reel changes, plus fewer reels so less carriage and storage costs. (E.g. for a 50mm x 100mm label our linerless machine has a capacity of 18,000 labels vs. approx 7,800 labels with standard liner backed machine).
  • Faster more intuitive changeovers / reduced downtime. In addition to the machines extended running time, ALcode LL is also considerably easier to load than our equivalent traditional liner backed machine, with a much reduced reel path and no need to feed a backing liner to a rewinder.
  • Label stock rationalisation - the on board cutting system allows generic rolls of label tape to be cut to different lengths for different applications. (E.g. The same 100mm tape stock could be used for a 100mm x 50mm Unit pack label and 100mm x 100mm outer carton label etc.)
  • Higher quality label print for ANSI Grade ‘A’ barcodes. The surface finish of the linerless label tape was developed specifically for thermal transfer printing giving an appreciably sharper print result and allowing lower print head heat settings/producing less label dust for extended print head life.

The linerless technology of our ALcode LL machine is based on number of innovative (patented) concepts for unwinding a fully self adhesive label tape roll, overprinting, cutting and applying the label to the product. The process is smooth, reliable, and has been widely tested in numerous plants of large multinationals that were first to take up this economic and environmental-friendly technology.

Our linerless print and apply machine are no more difficult to install and commission than any other printer applicator through their compact design and integration of industry standard SATO print engines, with all the print resolution and interface options these printers offer, including such advanced functionality as being directly linkable to SAP and other workflow control software systems if required.

Upgrade your end of line print and apply machine today. ALcode LL - Less Waste, Less Cost.

Key Features

  • 20-40% average label cost saving vs. traditional paper labels on a backing liner
  • More than double the run time capacity for the equivalent 300mm reel diameter (900m vs 450m)
  • Compact design - no bigger than our standard ALcode
  • Rationalisation of label media e.g. 100mm label tape can be used to produce 100mm x 100mm & 100mm x 150mm labels in different areas of your factory

Technical Specifications

Linerless label tape: Continuous mat white polypropylene label tape, optimised for thermal transfer print with solvent free rubber based adhesive
Label reels Width min 50mm - max 150mm
OD max 310mm (length 900m)
ID 76mm
Max. label width M8485 - 131mm
M8490 - 131mm
M8460Se - 165mm
M8465Se - 165mm
Print width M8485 - 128mm
M8490 – 112mm
M8460Se - 152mm
M8465Se - 152mm
Resolution M8485 - 203dpi
M8490 - 305dpi
M8460Se - 203dpi
M8465Se - 305dpi
Interfaces M8485Se - 305mm/sec(12ips)
M8490Se - 200mm/sec(8ips)
M8460Se - 200mm/sec(8ips)
M8465Se -200mm/sec(8ips)
Interfaces RS232C, Parallel, USB, RS422/RS485/LAN/Wireless
Applicator Type Pneumatic
Possible configurations Air-blow with or without piston
By contact tamp
Rotary arm (front/rear)
Vacuum belt
Power supply 220V, 50 Hz, 800W

Example Configurations