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Yoghurt Jar

Glass Jar Wraparound & Tamper Evident Labelling System

May’s machine of the month is a linear jar labelling system built for a yoghurt and cheese producer. The system was required to apply both a decorative wraparound label and a tamper evident label (to be centred with the body label) to cylindrical glass jars with screw top metal lids. It was designed to be integrated into the customer’s existing filling line and capable of labelling 4000 jars per hour. The solution was based on an ALline C machine, equipped at…

Conditioner Bottles

Toiletry Bottle Front & Back Labelling Machine

April’s machine of the month is a labelling system built for a leading toiletry manufacturer. The solution was designed to apply front and back labels onto shaped toiletry bottles with a high level of accuracy and uniformity. It was installed directly into the customer’s filling line and capable of labelling more than 60 bottles per minute. The machine was based on an ALline E front and back labeller, configured for elliptical bottles and equipped with a scroll gapping unit and…

Juice Bottles

Juice Bottle Front & Back Labelling System

March’s machine of the month is an ALline linear labelling system built for a producer of fruit juices. The customer required a system to apply front and back product labels to their juice bottles at 170 bpm. The machine was to be placed on their new filling line, with the priority to maximise performance and minimise downtime, optimising productivity. The machine was based on an ALline E front and back labelling system in a non-stop configuration with two labelling heads…

Pharma Vial

Pharmaceutical Tray to Tray Wraparound Labelling System

January’s machine of the month is a vial labelling system built for a European pharmaceutical company. The customer required a system to apply wraparound labels onto cylindrical vials with the ability to work offline, managing the products on a tray to tray basis, therefore, reducing the manpower needed to load and unload the products. It was essential that the machine was able to work without stoppage for tray changing, operating at a speed of 140 vials per minute. The machine…

Potatoe Bags

Labelling Head for Form, Fill & Seal Machine

May’s machine of the month is a labelling head built for a Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine manufacturer. The end user of this solution was a fresh produce supplier, who required a system to apply relatively large labels onto their bags during the packaging process. This allowed them to tailor their packaging to the individual products, reducing film inventory. The machine supplied was an ALstep labelling head in an ultra-compact configuration, which due to its reduced dimensions, meant…

Painkiller Pouch

Non-Stop Pouch Labelling System

November’s machine of the month is a non-stop pouch/bag labelling system provided by multiple ALritma S labelling heads installed into a major producer of pharmaceutical products. Ten labelling heads were integrated into their new multi-line packaging machine to apply multi-page booklets onto the top of painkiller bags. The configuration of the line would not allow it to be stopped for label changeover; in order to facilitate continual application of the labels, two ALritma heads were installed on each of the…

Salad Pot

Watchstrap & Base Labelling System

October’s machine of this month is a top and side wrap labelling system built for a major producer of ready to eat salads / sandwich fillers in Northern Europe. The customer required a ‘watchstrap’ application; in this instance, the label is applied into a recess on the lid of the product, then wrapped onto the side to provide both a decorative and sealing function. In addition to the seal label, the solution also applies a base label at the same…

MJ Sachet

Sachet Feed & Labelling System

ALTech UK have designed and installed a high volume sachet labelling solution for Montagne Jeunesse, a major manufacturer of beauty products such as face masks and scrubs. The machine has been installed for over 12 months and currently labels more than 750,000 sachets per month. The system has proved to be robust, accurate and reliable, requiring only the renewal of a worn print head after labelling over 9 million products. It has provided huge labour savings and improved the quality…

ALline Side & Top Bend Bottle Crop

Twin Closure Bottles Side and Top Bend Labelling

September’s machine of the month is an ALline Special system for a market leading producer of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products, designed to print and apply labels to the sides of specialist twin closure bottles. This application required the label to be bent around the top of the product and follow the contour of the bottle to ensure the 2D barcode was visible on the opposing side to the primary application. This was achieved using an ALritma S labelling head with…

Groupe Le Graet

Body and Tamper Seal Labelling System

August’s machine of the month is an ALline C built for Groupe Le Graёt, an important French producer of preserves and jellies. The machine was required to label glass jars at a rate of over 180 products per minute with the flexibility to apply a variety of labels, from a simple partial wrap label to a full wrap body label in registration with a tamper evident top label; all of which needed to be achieved without affecting the performance of…

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