Barcode & Label Inspection Systems

Our barcode inspection & verification systems prevent costly packaging errors. On top of the many standard integrated checking solutions available with our various labelling systems, we also offer a deliberately simple standalone solution, 'ALcheck' which can be easily retro fitted to virtually any production line or packaging machine.

ALcheck Standalone In-line Barcode Inspection Systems

ALcheck Standalone In-line Barcode Inspection Systems

ALcheck is our proven free standing barcode checking and inspection system that is intuitive to use and simple to configure.

In its most basic form, it allows the barcode on a product/carton to be read via a hand scanner at the start of a batch, which will automatically teach an in-line scanner the symbology and number of this code; then accepting only this code until a new one is taught at the start of a new batch. In the case of a barcode label, ALcheck will of course also confirm the label has been successfully applied.

It can be retrofitted to almost any type of production machinery, with the primary function to check a barcode as readable, but often more importantly, that it is the CORRECT barcode (e.g. the correct pre-printed outer carton for a ready meal, the correct roll of labels etc).

ALcheck can also be configured with multiple barcode scanners or even combined with a smart vision sensor. Common uses for ALcheck include:

  • To confirm a printed barcode is readable
  • To confirm a printed barcode is the CORRECT barcode (e.g. the correct label or correct packaging)
  • To confirm the successful application of a barcode label
  • To check multiple barcodes (including a mixture of 1d & 2d codes), confirming correct combinations (e.g. top label/bottom label or retail label/outcase label etc)
  • To check the quality of a printed barcode
  • To automatically remove a reject product from the line

The system is programmed for use simply by pushing a ‘train’ button on the industrial control panel HMI (with option to lock this function to authorised users only) and then scanning with the hand scanner the barcode to be checked against. This will read and store the barcode number and type, displaying the code number on the system HMI and sending down the settings to the inline scanner (‘s). The system is then placed in a ‘run’ mode and the line can be started.

ALcheck is housed in a rugged powder coated metal enclosure (stainless option) which can be desk or wall mounting, easily integrated to the outside frame of an OEM machine/conveyer or on a desktop nearby. ALcheck can be configured with the full range of 1d & 2d linear and vision scanners from the world leading manufacturers, Datalogic and SICK, ensuring complete reliability and accuracy.

ALcheck in Detail

Label Checking Systems - Smart Vision Sensors

Our solution focus is nearly always 'labelling machinery' and the application of a label, but our talented in-house engineering and software programming teams makes us extremely adept at regularly integrating smart vision sensors into these systems to perform a variety of application, examples of which include:

  • Checking a product has been placed on a machine in the correct orientation
  • Checking best before/batch code dates have been correctly printed
  • Correct positioning and placement of products in their packaging (for example a mineral water shrink case has been accurately filled with 24 bottles)
  • Fill levels on products (such as cans of paint or bottles of liquids)
  • Correct placement of labels, seals and bottle tops, and other pack placements in products

Where products do not meet pre-defined criteria the machine can be stopped or products can be automatically removed from the line.

Key Features

  • Standalone barcode checking system
  • Single or multiple inline scanners
  • Retrofittable to virtually any line or production machine
  • Extremely simple and economical