ALsleeve is a highly economical in-house developed tamper evident shrink sleeve applicator, primarily designed for the application of tamper evident sleeves, but with the possibility also of completing some slower speed full body sleeve application requirements.

Shrink Sleeve Applicators


ALsleeve T is an extremely economical unit for tamper evident shrink sleeve application over caps and lids for food, cosmetic and chemical products.

The unit cycle is controlled by PLC, with touch panel HMI to allow operators to easily enter the operational parameters of the machine. It is equipped with a knife and a large unwind unit for sleeve rolls up to 400 mm in diameter and from 20 up to 150 mm lay flat (suitable for caps of 20 to 70 mm of diameter).

As an option, it can be fitted with a longitudinal perforation device, making it easier for the consumer to tear off the sleeve. The production speed up to 80 p/min compliments our ALline linear labelling systems perfectly, especially in the context of the machines extremely economical price as compared with more high speed machines (generally used in combination with rotary labelling machines).

For products with certain characteristics (relative short products and low production speeds), ALsleeve T can also be configured for the application of full-body sleeves providing an extremely low cost sleeving solution. Such a configuration includes an optional transversal sleeve perforator facilitating the detachment of the upper tamper sleeve from the lower decorative one.

ALsleeve can be easily integrated into an existing production lines or supplied as a complete line solution, with hot air shrink tunnels and product feed and spacing units to provide the possibility of a complete turnkey line solution.

Key Features

  • Highly economical tamper evident shrink sleeve applicator for products from 20mm to 70mm diameter
  • Tamper sleeve application at up to 80 products p/min
  • Full line solutions with product handling and shrink tunnels
  • Low/medium speed full body sleeving possibilities for many products

Technical Specifications

Sleeve Layflat 20/150mm
Sleeve height 25/120mm
Production speed Up to 80 p/min
Power supply 380 V | 50 Hz | 1000 W
Air supply 5 bars | 50 lite/min

Example Configurations